I slept really badly and now I have to go to work ughhhhh. But earning money yayyy!

Kinda drunk and totally aroused? Definitely sleeping naked tonight…

Day 95: dinner with friends! :) #100happydays

Day 95: dinner with friends! :) #100happydays

Tags: 100happydays

Ok ok so my laptop might just need a good clean. Still had to leave it at the computer place though. No laptop all weekend! I will be utterly lost!

I know I should just take my laptop to a computer place and ask them to fix it but if it’s going to cost an arm and a leg I’m reaaaally considering getting a new one. I’ve been considering it for a while as mine’s over 4 years old and super slow and clogged up and also reaaaally big and heavy, but I figured I’d buy one in a few months’ time. I don’t really have the money to spare at the moment, but I’m not forking out loads of money to keep this one up and running only to buy a new one later this year. Ugh. 

Of COURSE my laptop would decide to break just before Easter weekend while I’m trying to write 25000 words worth of essays for my final deadline. Of COURSE that would happen. And of COURSE it would be after I’ve just spent almost all of my savings. How did I not see this coming?!